Kickstarter Update Discussion

This post will provide a convenient link to our latest updates on Kickstarter, and encourage discussion about new information as it comes along. Of course you can always comment on the Kickstarter website itself, but if you prefer to hang out on a forum you can send your feedback here too!

Consider this a pre-update. Soon I'll be posting again on Kickstarter, but for now I just wanted to share some awesome progress that has been made on Super Dwarf Madness.

  • Issues with Map Generator have been fixed! Some maps were being created in a way that prevented them from being completed, but that's not an issue anymore.
  • Zwarmi - these little guys are now inhabiting our Lava Forge maps, ready to attack if you dare to come for their Gold.
  • Versus arena is almost ready! Soon we'll be showing a pre-alpha build of SDM, and to make it flow well this is what we decided to do: Up to 4 local players will take on their first Quest - clear the Zwarmi from the Lava Forge. Afterward, any Gold the players find can be used to buy some quick upgrades, before we pit them against each other in a deathmatch to determine who is the dwarfiest of all!

I'm really excited to get feedback on this demo at Otakon. Even though it's not alpha-ready yet, you can expect all of these features and more in a not-too-far-away alpha build, because I'm even more excited to get my Backers the first public release of Super Dwarf Madness.

So sharpen your axes, and stock up your ammo!